Does Your Website Hungry?

All extant needs food to be live!

A website is an extant too that you are the God of it! You create it and must attention to it, if want to grow!

You must pay attention to his food if you want he be favored. And if you want your website to be unique like a knight must pay more attention to his needs!

The food is the initial needs of each creature! But the food of knight is different with the others!

A hungry website never can be a world beater in this global fight.

The Google is the referee for this international fight and he is the only person who must believe that you are the winner to gives of the first place to you.

Then you must increase your knowledge to know more and more about Google rules to fight according the arbitration Law.

Then first you must learn the arbitration Law, so give a food according the law.

True nutrition is one of the important factors for a hero.

A hungry hero can be winning just in movies not a real match!

You must pay attention to many factors if you want your website be a hero in Google’s belief.

Search Engine Optimization is the food of your website. With SEO your website will grow more and more. But you first learn about the SEO rules and be sure they are updated and basically.

An expired food cans ill your website! And a poison food can also kill your website. Then be ware don’t use expired SEO rules or scam method Instead a SEO rule! Your website is a child and will eat every food you give him!

There are also many Fake experts wanted to sell expired or poison food to you and your knowledge must be enough to understand they are not a real SEO expert!

You also pay more attention to your website that doesn’t eat any new food that has not been verified by the experts yet. New foods are unknown and maybe to be dangerous for your website and make the reason your website KAYO against the weak competitors!

Then you always must pay attention to new foods and foods according to your website SEO age! Because all websites has no brain and wisdom like humans to understand what is the good or bad for him.

So please be careful of your site.

Author : Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani

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