First foundation, house the next!

I as an SEO expert, don’t accept the SEO service ordering without web design. Because I trust the SEO is the base of a website, then how I can believe we can first design a website, so make the base and root for it!

In this free article we will review my reasons that why doing SEO service before designing has the most positive effect on a website.

All things start with a Domain name. Domain is the SEO gate! A Domain will be your longtime prestige.

Then you have to pay more attention to select or register a good domain forever. I mean you must select a domain name that doesn’t require changing it when your business has grown. Because if you change your domain name, it means you‘ll lost your SEO score.

All loyal customers and visitors. Also many backlinks from forums and other eplaces. You’ll lose all of them!

As an example, please take a look to It called before this time.

What do you think about the loss of this great Canadian company? I mean for a long time all webmaster and visitors used in their questions in all forums and now the all of these back links are worthless now!

With this clear example you see the effect of it on SEO score!

On the other hand you must pay attention to the domain name to be sure it is containing of the related keywords with your business to receive real visitor!

You should note for choosing an old or new domain too! I mean old domains has higher SEO score and if you buy an old domain for your new online business your website growing will fast and fast!

I mean it is much more effective than registering a new domain. But there are many hidden factors should attention to it before choosing an old domain for online commerce. The things like:

1-Google not blocked the domain name before.

2- No negative comments on forums about that domain name.

These 2 factors are so important that you should pay more attention to them before choosing an old domain name!

It can destroy your online and offline business!

If you buy such domain name, first should go to the Google to unblock your new but old blocked domain name.

We know it is not too hard. But the second step is too hard! Because you and your stuff must spend a lot of time in different forums to answer and reply to forums that topic master or visitors believe you are new owner for this domain name and never has any rules in performance of the old domain owner!

And may even have to compensate all damages to believe you!

So as you see it is not easy to choose a domain name for a new business.

With the above description, I think you believe you should create the foundation first, and then make the house on it!

Author: Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani

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